shutterstock_28627279The Phantom of the Opera is a haunting tale with beautiful music and gorgeous costumes, and will make a great kids party.

If your kid has seen the movie or Broadway Show and wants to play the show out for their own party, here are some ideas for a grand celebration with the phantom.  This can make a unique Halloween party as well.

This theme lends itself well to being a masquerade ball for the kids and you can combine the two very easily.

In the invitation, have the kids attend “dressed up.”

When the kids arrive, have them make masks as part of the costume they will wear. Make half white masks as in the show. You could provide the boys with Phantom capes if you like.

Hire a storyteller to re-tell the classic tale. Have the entertainer dressed either in a fancy man’s outfit or a beautiful dress, depending on who it is, to tell the story. Have them make a special entrance to the party.

Definitely have the Phantom music playing throughout the party. Have a masquerade  ball where the kids dance.

Play Pin the Mask on the Phantom.

Remember the Monkey at the beginning of the show that stirs the memories? Play Hot Monkey, as you would Hot Potato.

Musical Chairs to the Phantom music would be fun.

On the party table, additional fun decorations would be a candlesticks, fake jewels, strings of pearls, and spider webs. All will add a festive touch.

Phantom of the Opera takes place in the Paris Opera house, so make the menu french.  Even for picky kids, there are plenty of french food choices (besides french fries!).   Try sandwiches on croissants instead of regular bread, for example, if you are concerned about palatability of more traditional french fare. Even calling regular foods by their french translations would be fun.

Another party favor option, these cool Phantom of the Opera pins from Amazon.  And bonus!  They are very reasonably priced.

Also, the forever symbol of the Phantom is the rose…you could hand out long stemmed roses to the girls and a boutonniere for the boys.

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  1. I think the idea for the “make your own mask” is good, but there were no ideas for a more teen oriented phantom party. I would like to know some more “mature” things to do for a phantom of the opera party.

    Kath Williams said on January 18, 2007
  2. Yes, other teen ideas include serving a special dessert buffet with sparking cider served by candlelight. The masquerade dance will be the main activity of this party. Have the kids come dressed up and with masks on that they make up, play music from the show and beyond and have them dance the evening away. You can defnitely give out prizes for different dances as well, i.e. a dance contest. If you want to make it like “American Idol-esque” you could have the girls and guys audiotion their voices to see who will be Christine and Phantom for the night…might be fun, although the kids having to sing on their own ma make them shy.

    One thing with teen parties, you do not need to plan party “games” as you would with primary school kids. Often the party is really about gathering with their friends, interacting, and a cool theme like the Phantom will add intrigue to this gathering.

    Lisa said on January 19, 2007
  3. Teen oriented Phantom party? I can help! I turned 16 last month and had an AMAZING themed party for my Phanatic friends and me!
    First we sent out invitations, of course. This was where the fun began. In the play Erik sends the people of the opera house “notes”. Well, what better way to invite people to your Phantom party? We got some nice old-looking card stock and evelopes to match and I pulled out my quill pen and some red ink. In the book Erik always uses red ink…and he has bad handwriting so no expertise at quill-writing is needed! If you don’t have a quill handy a fountain pen would work fine. The notes went like this:
    Dear ______,
    You are most cordially invited to a night at the Paris Opera, courtesy of the Diaquino family in honor of Madmoiselle Victoria Diaquino’s sixteenth birthday. The event will be held on November the 12th at __(address)____. Please be sure to arrive promptly at 5:00 pm. Proper attire is required for addmitance, questions as to what would be acceptable should be directed towards Mme. Diaquino at a later date.
    R.S.V.P. – __(number)___
    We look forward to seeing you very soon.
    Your obedient servant,
    Clever, no? It took some time to write out all the invites by hand but once they were in their envelopes with the foil seals (couldn’t find a nice wax one) it was aaaaall worth it. Erik doesn’t like to use the conventional postal service so I dropped mine in the lockers of the guests when I got to school. You could certainly drop them in their mailboxes…or even hand them to them, “A message, from the Opera Ghost.”.
    Of course the questions came about what to wear. You could do a masquerade or just have the guests dress in 1870s attire….personally I knew my Phantom Phan friends could do better. I instructed they dress like a character from the play, excluding Erik and Christine. For those very few who hadn’t seen the play/movie or those who didn’t pick a character quick enough I instructed to just go in period attire. (many even came up with their own names…)
    As you may have guessed I went as Christine and my boyfriend went as Erik. I’ll briefly describe how we did our costumes because they were AMAZING. I went to a local vintage clothing store to find my dress and found a lovely ivory colored one, my mom added some extra 19th century flair with other fabrics but it was really a great find. My hair is already long, brown, and curly so I just fiddled with it a little to make it Christine-ish. My grandma’s old costume jewelry added the finishing touches. Matt’s Erik costume, however, was much more complicated. We searched EVERYWHERE to find an appropriate shirt and breeches and we eventually did at a theater supply warehouse. We found a neat pair of shiny black riding boots at the same vintage clothing store we found my dress at. However, what would Erik be without his cape? We looked some more and found the perfect one to rent at the theater warehouse. The famous black hat Matt already had. Like a good Phanatic he found it at a flea market by the beach and couldn’t leave without it. The mask was the easiest part by far, when you and all of your friends are Phanatics just about everyone has some form of white half-mask. We used the one I got last time I saw the show in NYC, you can order it offline too, it’s a perfect replica of the one used in the movie.
    So, onto the actual party. Matt’s best friend and my brother, dressed as Andre and Firmin (very nicely I might add), came early and showed the guests inside. We held the party initially in my living room, which was already decorated in the Victorian style. We added some extra flourishes like fabrics and candelabras and such to make it look like some room you might find in the opera house. There were snacks and such up there and we played mozart and other classical music while they arrived. Once everyone was there we dimmed the lights and Matt and I made our rather grand entrance. Then we invited everyone down to the “lair” which was really our basement. We had covered the walls with these wall covers that looked like stone and had candelabras everywhere we also brought decorated out piano to look a little more organ-like. We had the Phantom soundtrack playing down there too. (oh, and more snacks…always have food when 16-year-olds are around) There were plenty of ooohs and aaahs and some spontaneous “ballroom” dancing. You should definetly encourage guests to act “in character” at least at first. In a room full of theater kids and theater lovers this happened on its own. We played some fun games like “Name That Phantom Character” in which some one had to act like a certain character (preferably not the one they were dressed as) but without saying anything and see if we could guess. As we had almost every character we did some acting out of various scenes. (like I said, theater kids, this was spontaneous) We also played musical chairs to the soundtrack. A room full of clumsy teenagers in fancy clothes…you can imagine how that turned out! Then we went back upstairs for dinner in the dining room by candlelight, lots of candlelight. We had some French food but we also had some nice pasta…since French food isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. We drank sparkling grape juice (in lue of wine) and had really fancy table settings. After dinner we went “Down Once More” to the lair and watched the movie version on our projector and provided plenty of popcorn. (once again, snacks are key) After that we held a costume contest as well as a spur of the moment impersonation contest. (Matt won for best Michael Crawford voice…=D) Then, more dancing to Phantom music. Then for about the last hour or so we put on modern music and…well…picture Erik “bringing sexy back”….I’ll leave it at that. =D =D
    When everything was said and done it was time for party favors! This was actually what we had the most trouble with, we knew we needed favors but what to give to Phantom obsessed teenagers?? Well, a long stemmed red rose with a black ribbon is obvious and we also gave out some candy. Lindt chocolates for sheer fanciness aaaaand custom printed black and white M&Ms with my name and birthday and various other Phantom-ish things one them.
    All in all it was an amazing party! Maybe next year I’ll do a masquerade…

    Tori said on December 21, 2007
  4. Hey Tori thanks soooooo much for your comment I am doing a Phantom theme for my 13 B-day and i am using parts of your idea sadly we dont have a basement but thanks anyway!

    francesca said on August 2, 2011

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