Want to serve some pirate-y cucpake treats at your next party? Try these out: make a batch of chocolate cupcakes and ice them with vanilla frosting. Use orange and black skull and crossbone gummies so they’ll match your pirate theme!

Need more information about a pirate party, we’ve got a pirate party plan, complete with treasure hunt waiting for you!

The web is a wealth of information if you are looking to make your own pirate cupcakes.  It can be as simple and making and frosting a regular bunch of cupcakes and adding a pirate ring to the top like this skull and crossbones ring

Pirate party supplies

…or this one here.  And as an aside, a pack of rings, plus a cake mix and frosting will be a WAY cheaper way of making pirate cupcakes than paying your local grocer for basically the same thing.

Pirate party supplies

Or you can be as creative and extravagant as you want!  Look at these cool pirate cupcakes from At Home with Kim Vallee.

AllRecipes has a great general article about decorating cupcakes for kids,that includes a pirate cupcake variation (this will be an article you’ll want to bookmark, as it includes variations for princess cupcakes, Halloween, flowers and more).

Or how about a plain cupcake with a pirate wrapper?  Check out Roundabouts website for all sorts of fun cupcake wraps!

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