shutterstock_10075537 Here is a quick tip to make your party planning easier when you host a party in the park or another outdoors venue, and you want to serve hot food!

After cooking your food, wrap everything into foil and place into a cooler.  Heat up Microwave Warmer pads and place into your cooler between and on top of your food.  Shut the cooler and you have your own portable oven to keep things warm when you serve it up at your party.

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  1. i will like to no the price of your cooler and postage

    mary alayande said on September 30, 2009
  2. i will like to know the price of your cooler and postage

    peju said on December 4, 2009
  3. Coolers can be called “hotters” too! We have a designated hot-food cooler at our deli, to use in catering gigs. Stuff like baked or steamed potatoes, grilled veggies, or hot, cooked chicken work GREAT! You can line the bottom of the cooler with foil, and add the food. Of course, use a thoroughly cleaned out cooler (even rinsed with a bit of bleach). Air the cooler out too, so it’s not nasty and stale. Works perfectly :)

    Jennifer Cote said on December 9, 2009

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