Roller Skating PartyWhen I was in middle school I so looked forward to our bi-monthly school roller skating party at the local rink. None of us actually owned skates, but all of us rented our pair and took to the rink showing off our moves, holding hands with the boys during the couple skate, and doing the limbo together.  Good times. During the winter, a roller rink is a perfect party venue, especially if your child and her friends love to roller skate.  What’s great about this party?  There is very little to plan after you secure your venue!

Some tips to keep in mind when you contact the local roller rink.  Ask about the pricing plan, as most rinks will require you pay a per person fee which will include skate rentals and entrance fees for all of the guests. Make sure to ask if it covers anything further like invitations and food.  Also ask if the roller rink will play a set of music that is the birthday child’s favorite and/or if they can make music requests.

Items that you may want to make yourself to personalize the roller skating party includes:

1. A Roller Skating Invitation.  Cut out a roller skate shape from heavy card stock in neon colors and write all of the party details on one side of the party invitation.  On the other side, attach new roller skate laces that will get the kids in the party mood.  (Ask the rink if the kids can lace up their rented roller skates with these laces.)  In the invitation, request the the guests wear white as well – this color shows up well on the rink floor for safety reasosn.

2. For your Roller Skating Party Menu, purchase a roller skate cookie cutter and cut out sandwiches in this shape and make a batch of brownies and cookies for this shape as well. Pizza always works well as a roller rink too.

3. Make a Roller Skate Cake.

4. The activities will be about the skating, the limbo, and any other skate contests too.  Often the rink intersperses these activities on the floor, but you can also request these as well.  Make sure to have an adult on the floor as well to supervise the kids too.  Another safety tip: have the kids wear elbow and knee pads too.

5. Send the kids home with a CD full of the music played during the party, their laces, glow in the dark jewelry, and roller skate key rings.

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  1. You could also order these glow in the dark t-shirts from imagintee, I ordered them for my sons laser tag party… really was a great hit… here is one with a peace sign that could work for the skating party, or choose from many others that are available

    Pat said on June 21, 2010

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