Ideas for a “Shapes” Birthday Party for the 1 to 3 year old crowd:

Send an invitations out cut into different shapes, triangles, circles, rectangles, etc. with all of the party information on the invite.

For decorations, choose your kid’s favorite primary colors and choose balloons, streamers, table ware for the party. In addition, purchase large poster boards in different colors, and cut out large shapes to hang all over the party room.

Also, if you have toys or other items around your home that are large in interesting shapes, have them around the party room for the kids to play with. You may also want to label them in various areas, I.e. circles, triangles, etc.

When the kids arrive, have an adult on hand to paint little shapes on the kids faces.

Craft Ideas:

Have the kids either color shapes, do shape activity sheets, cut out shapes with kid-friendly scissors and decorate with glitter glue, markers, stickers.

Purchase shape stickers, i.e. from an office supply store, like circle dots, and have the kids draw pictures on them and either place the stickers on themselves or on a larger shape for further decorations.

Make Fruit Loop/Cheerio Bracelets and/or necklaces…little circles strung on a string and knotted.

Buy different shapes of paste and have the kids make a picture with stick glue and the pasta shapes.


Have a wall filled with cut out different shapes. Have the kids pick out shapes until they find a specific number, i.e. a Number 1 or 2 to receive a prize. Have enough numbers on the backs of the shapes that everyone finds a number to receive a prize.

Play Shape Charades. and have the kids make themselves into different shapes and the kids have to guess what shape the kid is in.

Have a relay race, where the kids must skip, run, jump through different shapes, i.e. a hula hoop, squares, triangles that are drawn with sidewalk chalk, etc.

Place different shapes into a bowl of cooked noodles. Have the kids reach in and guess the shape…it could also be different edible items, i.e. an egg, chocolate circle, etc. The kids will enjoy getting their hands into the noodles!

Kids at this age love music…so, if you have any musical instruments they are often in different shapes, like the triangle, drum, cymbal. If you are interested in hiring an entertainer, a kid-friendly musician who could bring these instruments and have the kids learn about them and enjoy them would be a perfect idea.


Make up little sandwiches cut into shapes, circles, triangles, etc. Fill them with anything you think the kids will enjoy.

Jell-O Jiggles cut out into different shapes.

Crackers in different shapes with cheese in different shapes, little cubes, etc.

Fruit cut into shapes with different topping…apple with peanut butter and raisins on top.

Pretzel sticks dipped into chocolate.

Try to find gummy shapes. Place some into ice cubes to add to the kids drinks. Fun.

Make up a batch of sugar cookies, cut into different shapes. Have the kids decorate them with frosting and sprinkles and enjoy.


Well, the traditional round cake seems perfect to me!

For Goody Bags:

Giving them a shapes-themed activity book with a box of crayons would be fun and useful.

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