Shark Boy and Lava Girl PartyIf your child is into Sharkboy and Lavagirl and would like a party based on these characters, unfortunately there are no themed character supplies available. Still, luckily, Sharkboy is a superhero that is half boy and half shark, and because of Taylor Lautner’s turn as Jacob in Twilight, Sharkboy and Lava Girl is enjoying a surge in popularity.

So using shark or ocean themed party stuff would be an excellent suggestion.  Also, Amazon does have a fairly good selection of Shark Boy merchandise. You can use toy sharks as party favors, and also use them as game items during the party.

Also using red for Lavagirl and blue for Sharkboy, you can use solid colored partyware (which is a great budget stretcher) and decorate with balloons and streamers in these colors as well.

Sharkboy and Lava Girl Party Ideas

Showing the Sharkboy and Lavagirl movie might be a good activity for this party, and Amazon has it available.

Have the kids make their own Sharkboy and Lava Girl costumes by providing pre-cut shark fin shapes that have been hole-punched and string has been pulled through for the boys to wear and pre-cut short capes out of red butcher paper with string attached to the top of the capes pulled through holes as well.  The kids can decorate these costumes with markers, glitter glue, streamers, and anything else you may have to make them their own.

Send the kids home with over-sized chocolate chip cookies in colorful cellophane bags with a tag that says “From the Land of Milk and Cookies.”

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  1. it would be great if you guys could come up with ideas on how to make lava girl customes…my little girl whats to be her for Halloween and i dont know what to do..i dont know where start so if you can help me out…thank you!

    Amanda Conley said on September 24, 2008
  2. From Internet research, it looks like you can find them on e-bay…also, check out this link of a Lava Girl costume that is being discontinued:;jsessionid=AE736EEEC5665357C761099B3EFE20FD.qscstrfrnt04?categoryId=1&productId=3

    However, the costume is well-described and you may be able to duplicate yourself.

    Good luck!

    Lisa said on September 24, 2008
  3. You can find a variety of Shark Boy and Lava Girl costumes on A shop called sharkboycostume makes a Mr. Elecricity PINATA!

    Linda said on August 28, 2010
  4. Try for really cool Lava Girl costme and a Shark Boy Pinata!

    Linda said on August 28, 2010

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