It’s the season when kids are competing in Spelling Bees. Your child may be practicing spelling her words and may have even won the competition. Exciting times.

To help celebrate the season, make a batch of cupcakes, frost them with white icing, and decorate them with the letters of the alphabet…spelling out the winning word would be one way to commemorate the Spelling Bee Championship. Otherwise, has your child found a favorite word? Spell this one out…use piped icing to make the letters or candies, such as licorice, to create them. Also, you could use Alphabet Cereal for the kids to decorate the cupcakes with, spelling out different challenging words on each one. Sprinkle these with confetti. has the Cupcake Alphabet if you are looking to make cupcakes that stand for each letter.

Y U M! I spell it using red licorice strips on bright white frosting atop chocolate cupcakes!

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