shutterstock_1907460If you are throwing a Super Bowl party for a group of friends and their favorite little fans, you may want to consider sending the kids home with a party favor. Keeping it simple is key, but there are some easy and fun ideas:

1. Have the kids create favorite team pennants using craft supplies during the game that they can take home.

2. Send everyone home with a Super Bowl cupcake, a great way to get rid of the leftover treats.

3. Small packets of football confetti and football chocolates tied up in a little cloth in your favorite team colors and tied with twine would also be festive.

4. Mini footballs would be fun.  Have people sign them for authenticity.

5. Whistles and referee caps would be fun to wear during the party and to take home as a favor too.

Given this is not a traditional birthday party, remember to keep it simple, but thematic.  Go team!

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