Super Hero Squad Party IdeasSuper Hero Squad is a very popular TV show on the Cartoon Network that showcases many of the favorite super hero characters that kids love: Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Falcon, Silver Surfer, Thor, and more.  This cast of characters work together to defeat the villains, which also include some likely characters: Abomination, Dormammu, Dr. Doom, Juggernaut, Loki, Mole Man, Modok, and Enchantress.  These characters are slightly stumpy looking, but embody the characters and kids love their escapades.  If your child loves many of these Super Heroes and can’t decide on just one for a party theme, a Super Hero Squad party theme may just serve as the perfect super theme.

For your party invitation: send the kids an Infinity Sword Invitation. Given that the battle between Dr. Doom and Iron Man shatters the sword, using gray heavy card stock, cut out into sword shapes and write your party details on the swords.  Then, cut the sword up and place into the envelope with instructions to your Super Hero Squad guests to put the sword together to find out the party details.  Also, request that the kids bring their Infinity Sword with them to the party.

For your party decor: recreate your own Super Hero City!  Using colors from the squad, decorate the party area with balloons, streamers, cut outs of the characters, and a Super Hero city skyline.  On the front entrance to the party area, create a city scape of buildings as well.

Around the party table, use primary colors for the table ware, tablecloth, and throw candy confetti around the table.  If your birthday child has favorite action figures, place them on the table as centerpieces.  Or Celebrate Express has a very cool Super Hero Squad centerpiece.

Super Hero Squad birthday party supplies

For your gifts, or perhaps a larger prize for a game played, check out the selection on Amazon here:

For your Super Hero Squad Activities:

Upon arrival, ask each guest which Super Hero Squad member they would like to be during the party.  As you wait for everyone to arrive, have them create headbands with their names on them.  Provide the headbands and have the guests use fabric paint pens to write their names.

Once everyone has arrived, ask them to bring out their Infiinty Sword invitations and tear them up and throw them up to fall on the Super Hero City, just as the cartoon showcases.

Hold a Superspeed Contest. Who can race the fastest – perfect if playing the game outdoors and you have a yard for the kids to run toward as fast as they can. If you are indoors, give the kids a task to do, i.e. building a Super City tower with Play Dough.  Give the kids 2 minutes and see who can build the tallest tower in the least amount of time.

Reptil Training.  What makes the Reptil unique? With the amulet, any part of his body can be changed into a dinosaur.  Give each guest the chance to hold an amulet (create it by wraping a rock with tin foil) and seeing how each Reptil becomes a dinosaur.  Make it more interesting and call out what part of the person’s body must change, i.e. arm, leg, neck, etc.

Gray Hulk Tag.  Divide the kids into two teams, and designate one person on each team to transform into Gray Hulk.  Have the other kids paint his face with gray paint.  Once painted, Gray Hulk must try and tag the other team members to become gray too.  Continue to play this tag game until everyone is a gray Hulk.

Infinity Sword Battles. Provide the kids with plastic swords and pair the guests off with one another.  Re-create the infinity sword showdown between Dr. Doom and Iron Man.  Who wins?

Super Hero Squad Training. In order to keep up their strength an wits, have the group complete a series of obstacles, exercises, and moves to work together.  Speed, strength, energy, animal, elemental, and technology are all factors that the Super Hero Squad bring together to make a great team to fight the villains.  Create a training camp around these attributes.

  • Speed: races over obstacles, from one end and back, etc.
  • Strength: see who can lift what?  Make it more challenging as the kids complete picking up each thing: small weights, boxes, furniture piece, each other, etc.
  • Elemental: see if the kids can determine which elements are which?  A bit of a trivia contest.
  • Animal: Compose a series of races that revolve around animals, i.e. crab and bear walk races.
  • Technology: If you have a Super Hero video game available, let the kids play it together to increase these skills.

Create a Super Hero Squad Adventure.  Being such big fans of the show, what do the guests think will be the next Super Hero Squad mission?  Have the guests create and enact their own adventure together.

For your party menu:

Super Hero Dogs (hot dog bar with all of the fix’ns) and Squad Fries.

Polar Ice Caps: Root Beer Floats with vanilla ice cream.

Red Velvet Cake with a favorite icing in honor of the Red Skull that Dr. Doom brings forth for Captain America’s Birthday.  Alternatively, create Sugar Skulls for authenticity.

Send the kids home with their headbands, Infinity Swords, and Super Hero Squad action figures for the guests to continue the fun long after the party is over.

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