For kids from the ages of 5 to 8 years old, Superman will be a wonderful themed party…packed out with bright colors, action-packed, and super-charged fun. Especially with the re-release of Superman this summer, it may be something you find your kid asking for ~ it could also be made into a Halloween-themed party, as the kids could arrive in Super Hero costumes.

Here are some ideas and resources for this theme: For the invitation, design invitation language that reflects a “Secret Birthday Mission” for the party’s Superman theme, i.e. the Birthday Cake has been stolen. Invite the kids to dress as their favorite Super Hero.

Decorate with the colors of red and blue…the traditional colors. Buy balloons, streamers, tableware in these colors for the theme. Have green candies on the table for the Kryptonite. Little reporter notebooks and pencils at each place setting would also fit the theme of Clark Kent, Ace Reporter! When the kids arrive, have them make masks to fit their Super Hero Character.

You can do this by using white paper plates, markers, stickers, etc. Make capes for the kids to wear…a variety of colors would add a colorful touch to the party as well. You can also have them make nametags for themselves regarding which Super Hero character they are and would like to be called during the party. Have a Kryptonite Toss where the kids throw back and forth a green crystal…each time taking a step back to make the tosses more difficult. Set out a Superman Obstacle course…using whatever you may have available to put together. Some examples for such a course include:

  • Tying up Villains with Silly String
  • Walking a Tight Rope, lay a board on the grass that the kids must walk.
  • Lifting some dumbbells.
  • Finding and Removing Kryptonite…golf sized balls which you spray paint green. Have the kids put on safety glasses, oven mitts, and use tongs to pick them up…to prevent exposure to the deadly stuff!

Play “Pin the S on Superman” Play “Bob for Kryptonite” substituting green apples for red ones. Break a Pinata made to look like the “Daily Globe.” If you have set up the invitation to say that Superman has a mission to fulfill, i.e. looking for the birthday cake, make it into a Superman Treasure Hunt with clues leading to the cake and candles! Another relay that would be fun is tying some red and blue balloons to the kids legs and having them race from one and back without popping them.

For a menu, Serve Kryptonite Punch, Mix Lime Sherbert with Sprite. Add green food coloring to your ice cubes. Make a batch of cookies with the “S” Logo on them. Serve Green Guacamole Chips with Dip and Doritos. Have Rock Candy laying around the table…green would be a preferable color. Serve sandwiches cut out in the “S” shape. Make your own pizzas would also be a lot of fun, and have the kids place their toppings on the pizza making an “S.” Make a batch of cupcakes, and frost with red and blue frostings. Add a Superman Cake Topper or sprinkles for additional fun.

You can bake a great Superman cake with the Wilton Superman cake pan.

For favors, the kids can take away their masks, capes, reporter pads and pencils, perhaps some green candies in a little pouch as well.

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