A popular pre-teen and teen birthday party theme these days is modeled after the ever-popular “Survivor” TV hit show! If your kid is interested in this party as a theme, here are some ideas to implement the plan and bring out the “Survival Instinct” in everyone!

This will work well with either a long afternoon party or a theme for an overnight party. Also, a Survivor Birthday Party would be best outdoors for obvious reasons.

Invite the party guests to “Island ____” for the taping of Season X. Ask them to arrive in beach ware or jogging gear in order to survive! Have them RSVP for their place on the team.

Decorate the yard with Tiki torches, large potted plants, citronella candles, team flags, flag poles, etc. Set up a Survivor Circle with large rocks for people to sit on, paper and pens for the final survivor challenge, etc.

When the guests arrive, assign them to one of two teams and provide them with a bandana or t-shirt that marks off the the two teams. Have each team gather around their Team Flag.

Set up a series of challenges that the teams both must perform for points. If a team wins, they will receive 5 points, and if they lose they will get 2 points. Make sure to have on hand an “immunity” item for the teams as well. Also, whenever a team wins, they will also win a reward. Have a large whiteboard on hand to keep track of the teams’ points.

Older kids (around the age of 14+) that want this as a party theme, may be very interested in holding tribal council after each event and actually going through a voting process to kick someone off the losing team. This will make the future activities more interesting as the teams will be losing people. If this is the case, make sure to give the losing team members a job to do during the rest of the challenges so they still feel involved.

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  1. We had a survivor party for our 13 year old daughter and the kids absolutely loved it. What we did for one of the eating challenges was that we took an old twister board and wrote foods on the spaces where the colors were. The foods included sardines, oysters, olives, hard boiled eggs and just foods that kids dont really seem to like.Also put points by each food that way if they do eat it they get the points but if they dont the points get taken away. Make it challenging for them make the more disgusting foods higher in points. One important thing to consider, as the parents drop there kids off always ask if they are allergic to anything.

    Jennifer Wansack said on January 5, 2008
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  3. When you run a Survivor party, the biggest hurdle is figuring out how to keep the event authentic without actually voting anyone out of the party.

    As mentioned in this article, a points system can replace the elimination system, but then how do you make “immunity” relevant to the competition? One way is to limit the party to a single reward challenge (which may in fact be a series of competitions linked together), followed by a single immunity challenge (which again can be a composite of small challenges), followed by tribal council. Have the tribal council run as a short series of voting rounds where immunity can be used to delay or avoid elimination.

    Ralph Huygens said on August 20, 2010
  4. Ok clothes realay, scavenger hunt, water balloons, and hole hoops

    Cass said on January 19, 2011
  5. funniest. idea. ever!

    Cathy Peytons said on February 20, 2011
  6. I did this for my 14 – year – old and my daughter went crazy over it! Doing the voting off people version is best, then you can have a jury. EVERYONE went crazy over it. We ordered bandanas on line and everything. The theme of the party doesn’t have to be Survivior, and we did it inside because it was chilly outside. You will DEFINATLY want to do this. Loved it!

    Kathrine Linioisylas said on February 20, 2011
  7. Just one thing we found out when doing #10 with the plastic bugs and live crickets. Crickets bite!

    Jadey said on June 6, 2012

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