Do you have a little tyke who loves his “Big Wheel?” You know those great kid-mobiles that they love to drive around in the driveway or on the sidewalk. Many kids love their “Big Wheel,” their bike, their roller-shoes, etc. All things that go kids love … especially 3 to 6 years old. Once kids get a taste of “things that go” it is just the start of an excitement that eventually leads to cars — but that’s years later and for another day.

If your kid enjoys things that go, then a unique party idea would be to have a “Things That Go” Parade. Invite all of the party guests to bring their favorite “things that go” toy to the party. Once everyone has arrived, tie a balloon to the back of each bike, Big Wheel, etc. If you like, you could have a face painter on hand to paint wheels on the kids’ faces before departing.

The main activity of this party will be a parade. You can hold the parade along the sidewalks of your neighborhood, or on a path that leads to a park. It really doesn’t matter, but make sure as you parade around, you have music as well. Have a helper or parent bring along a boom box that plays festive music as you roll along. It will be easy and a ton of fun.

Once back at the party house, you can celebrate with cake and ice cream. Partyware can be themed items; Hot Wheels, Cars or other racing themed items would be good to emphasize the “go” part of the parade, or just use solid colored items in your child’s favorite colors if you want to concentrate on the parade portion of the festivities.  A good cake may be a simple round cake decorated as a wheel or tire!

Another fun “Things That Go” activity is to have races with all of the kids on the different bikes or custom trikes!  Give out prizes!  This finish line banner will be perfect, inside or out.

race car birthday party supplies

If you take the parade to a park, make sure to have arrangements to get the kids back to where the party began or to have their parents pick them up directly from the park, as they may be too tired to return by their “Things That Go!”

I really love this idea. It is simple, yet unique! It won’t cost much, but will be a lot of fun and activity for everyone!

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