Thor Birthday Party IdeasThor is a classic super hero character from Marvel that will soon find his own big time with a movie coming to theaters May 2011. As with all of these comic book characters, each movie makes for a wonderful birthday movie outing, and it can also inspire a great kids party theme and/or an afternoon of fun among friends.  Keep these ideas in mind when planning a Thor-themed party.

Thor Birthday Party Ideas

1. For your Thor party invitation, create a large hammer shape using gray heavy card stock.  Cut it out into the hammer shape and cover the hammer top with aluminum foil.  On the hammer handle, write your party details inviting your guests to the Thor party.

2. This super hero is from the Norse lands.  For your party, create a Norse land for the kids to enter into.  Hang mini Mjolinars  (hammers) from the ceiling using fishing wire and place one large one on the front door to the party welcoming your guests to the party.

3. Create a cave in the party room either using large appliance boxes, a tent, or a group of blankets hung over the furniture for the kids to enter into as Thor does to learn his true identity.

4. When the guests arrive, have them hit a large rock with a large play hammer to gain entrance into the party.

5.  In order to become a Norse super hero, have the kids create a viking cap that they wear during the party. Using a brown felt cap, add Styrofoam horns to either side with a glue gun. Have the kids decorate them with an array of craft materials.  These can serve as goody caps for the kids to take home too.

6. Set up a Thor obstacle course for the kids to compete with one another to complete.  Using furniture and other items around your home, create the course and have the kids run through it again and again acting out Thor.

7. Find the Mjolinar.  Hide a small or large hammer in the party area and see who can find it first.

8. Play Hot Mjolinar as you would play Hot Potato.

9. Thor is a part of the Avengers group.  Play Avengers Tag, and have the birthday child be “It” first and as he tags people, they become a part of the Avengers team.

10. Host a Porridge Eating Contest. A Norse favorite, set out bowls of oatmeal and see who can finish it without stopping.  (Make sure this activity is supervised and no one hurt by eating too quickly.  Make sure there is plenty of water available too.)

11. Norse people eat a lot of meat and hearty bread.  Serve up foot long hot dogs and have the kids top them with an array of condiments and buns. Serve chips, trail mix, fruit, and any other snacks that appeal.

12. Send the kids home with their Viking Caps and small hammers for the Thor party favor.

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  1. Awesome! Thor Birthday Party Ideas is fantastic.Host a Porridge Eating Contest is really great. all kid’s love to eat.

    lee marc said on August 10, 2010

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