Thriller Halloween Party IdeasThriller,the song made popular by Michael Jackson, makes a perfect party to pull together this Halloween season for tweens or teens (who may have discovered Thriller and now think it’s cool) or as a retro 80s party for a family that includes parents and children alike.

Take your party inspiration around the Thriller video and bring it to life at your upcoming Thriller Halloween Party.

Thriller Party Invitation:

Print out pictures of zombies from the Internet, and place on the front of heavy card stock.  Use thrilling language to describe your party on the inside of the card:

It’s close to midnight, and something evil’s lurking in the dark
Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart
You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it
You better show up for  Thriller time this night!

Thriller Party Decorations:

Greet your guests in the new Michael Jackson Thriller costume from Celebrate Express.

Michael Jackson Thriller costume

Turn your home into the Thriller set, and make up different areas for your guests to enjoy a horror show, a dance floor, and the great outdoors area where the terror is lurking.  Use anything and everything to give it a spooky, dark feel.

Make sure you have a large full moon hanging over your front door and you can have multiple full moons hanging from the ceiling and inside the party yard from tree branches too.

Create a banner over the movie room that says Vincent Price in Thriller just like the video.

A fog machine would add to the eerie Thriller atmosphere.

Set up your front and backyards with rock or cardboard gravestones.

Thriller Party Activities:

Upon arrival to the party, hand out class rings to the girls, and vampire teeth to the guys (& girls if you like), and, of course, long press-on fingernails too.

You can also give everyone a cool pair of Michael Jackson sunglasses, or use them as a prize for one of the games.

Michael Jackson sunglasses

As everyone arrives, make sure to slam the door, so they realize there’s no place to run!

Start your party by playing the Thriller official video for everyone to watch.

When done, it’s all about the dance. Have everyone get together and create their own Thriller video.  You can record this as a video from your party.  You can create new dance moves together or stick with the actual video mimicking the moves. Be sure to have the Thriller CD on hand so you can provide the background music!

A Karaoke machine would be fun for people to take turns singing to the song while everyone dances.  Who has the best rendition of Vincent Price?

See who can howl like the wolf, scream the longest and loudest, or laugh as authentically as Vincent Price.  Give out awards for each category.

Have the kids play Demon Tag. Make someone the first demon and whomever he tags is the next Demon.

Find more Zombie party ideas since Thriller is full of zombies.

Thriller Party Food:

Serve an assortment of thrilling snacks. You can serve them on blood-red plates!

Thriller Party Favors:

The class rings, vampire teeth and press-on nails are things that everyone can wear home.  Create Thriller T-shirts (red T-shirts with black letters) for your party that everyone can wear during the party and take home as well.

It will be a Thriller of a time for the whole family.

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