Top 5 Tips for Planning First Birthday PartiesGetting ready to celebrate your child’s very first party?  If this is the first time you are planning a child’s birthday party, it’s helpful to keep a few tips in mind to plan the perfect first birthday party.

Top 5 Tips for Planning First Birthday Parties:

1. This party is about you. Actually the first birthday party is for your child, but she will never remember it and so it’s a party for you and your spouse to celebrate your child’s first year of life.  Plan the party that you want to have.

2. Schedule it around the birthday child’s nap time. Take in consideration your child’s schedule and plan around when she will feel her best.  It will make it so much easier to have a happy, rested birthday child during the first party.

3. Plan an activity that relates directly to the birthday child. One of the best ideas is to create a Time Capsule.  It’s all about the child and a memory holder for a birthday many years later.

4. Smash Cake is a must. The most important part of the first birthday party is that picture with your child and her first birthday cake.  This precious memory is the highlight of a first birthday party.  Make sure the camera is charged and that someone is there to capture that picture.

5. Plan activities and favors for older kids who are attending. This party is often one where other families and their kids attend the party.  Yes, you ust feed the adults, but don’t forget to plan some activities and party favors for the older kids who will be attending.  It is a birthday party and it’s important to keep them entertained too.

Happy First Birthday Party Planning!

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