Top 10 Nerf Party IdeasDoes your child love Nerf toys?  Full of action, adventure, and running around, Nerf toys make an awesome toy to build a party theme around.  It also makes for an awesome summer party – given the space you will need to hold the Nerf activities.  However, if your party is in the middle of winter, you can rent out a lage play space or gymnasium space and have your Nerf party there too

Top 10 Nerf Kids Party Ideas:

1. Gather up all of your Nerf toys and based on what toys you have create party activities.  This is a good party to limit the guests based on the number of toys you have so no one feels left out playing and the guests don’t feel they must bring a Nerf toy that they may not have.  However, if you believe all of your guests have Nerf toys, then you can also ask them to bring them to the party.

2. Target Practice. Designate one of the guests or an adult at the party to be a target tat must be hit with the Nerf guns.  Create an obstacle course that the rest of the guests must complete without being hit.

3. Nerf Wars.  Divide the kids up into two teams and have a war using the Nerf toys.  Make sure you have plenty of space and adult supervision, and it can be played much the same way that Laser Tag is played.

4. Wii offers a Nerf Gun Game that may serve as a great party activity too.

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