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I am happy that Lisa invited me to talk about a party idea with you. I hope you will like the experience as much as I had fun preparing it. Let’s talk about how to organize a toy exchange party.

The concept: I got this idea because kids outgrow their toys pretty quickly. It makes sense economically and for the sake of the Earth to reuse, recycle and repurpose toys as much as possible.

Here are some tips on how to organize the best ever top exchange party in your neighborhood.

Help needed: You will need a committee to host a toy exchange party. Think about it as organizing a fun bazaar. You wish the families to stay a while, after all they may have to wait to find a toy they like. Thus, you need to plan for fun kid activities, refreshments and an area for moms to mingle.

Have plenty of volunteers as you need people to receive the toys, to manage the exchange tables, take care of the refreshment sections and to perform the activities. Always book additional help; some people may have to cancel at the last minute or the attendance can be higher than you predict.

The venue: Book the gymnasium at an elementary school or a room at a community center. Set up long tables to display the toys. Each toy needs to be visible.

Promotion: You wish to attract as many people from your community as possible. Print flyers and promote the event whenever you can. Contact your local papers and TV stations. Tell them about your event. Make your story interesting so the media will talk about it. Create a blog for the event so you can let people know about what is going on before, during and after the event.

Rules of engagement: I have a girlfriend who organises semi-annual Clothing exchange parties for the fashionista type. I learned from her that it is essential to establish clear and precise rules about what is an acceptable and not acceptable item to exchange.

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