Toy Story Themed Birthday: Woody & Jessie Wild West PartyDisney’s “Toy Story” movies are so popular with children and adults because of the beloved characters and themes of childhood imagination, creativity and friendship. With the series’ third installment due out this summer, a Toy Story themed party for your child’s birthday is guaranteed to be a smash hit. editor Melissa Klein has all the tips and ideas you’ll need to plan the most talked about party of the year!

Tip: Woody & Jessie’s Wild West Kids Party

“Reach for the sky!” A Wild West themed birthday party may be just the one you’re looking for, and with Sheriff Woody and Jessie the Yodeling Cowgirl attending, it’s guaranteed to be a good ‘ole time!

Invitations: Feature Woody and Pals on a Handmade Invitation

Making your own invitations is super-easy and it’s a great way to let guests know what’s in store for them if they come.

  • Start by typing Woody or Jessie’s name along with the keywords “Toy Story” in Google’s image search. Find an image you like and save a copy.
  • Then, head over to the local craft store and purchase solid cardstock along with a coordinating printed cardstock. We recommend a yellow or red solid with a bandana (or similar Western) print.
  • Next, format the cards on your computer. Keep it simple and insert the image you found into a word document. Then, type in the party details with a fun font.

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  • Once you’ve formatted your invite, print one out as a test. If all looks good, go ahead and print out the rest of the copies onto white paper.
  • Finally, assemble your cards. We recommend placing the white paper with the party details on top of the solid color, cutting the white page smaller so there is a colored border. Then, do the same for the print design by placing the colored page (cut a bit smaller) on top of it.

Decorations: Wild West Theme

Keep with the Wild West theme and purchase cowboy or cowgirl party supplies, just be sure to feature Woody and Jessie too! Adding decorative accents like toy ropes, bushels of hay or even fake cacti are a great way to make your party look extra special.

Consider making your own birthday banner by hanging felt stars that spell “Happy Birthday” and the child’s name from a long rope. In addition, have cowboy and cowgirl hats to pass out to all the kids to get them into the party spirit as well as star stickers with their names written on top so they can play sheriff too! You may even want to include a note on the invitation to have them dress up in their cowboy and cowgirl attire for the event!

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