Tron Birthday Party IdeasAre you and your kids excited to watch Tron Legacy, a Disney film releasing in December and a remake of the 1982 classic.  This is going to be a fun movie to take kids to and, if you saw it back in the 80s, this will also be enjoyable for you too.  Keep it in mind for a holiday movie outing for the entire family – and a special treat is to see it in 3D too!

Tron Legacy would make a fun party for your kids too – a combination of video game, Hollywood, and Sci-Fi magic for your birthday child and guests to enjoy together.

Top Tips for a Tron Birthday Party

1. Keep this resource in mind for Tron Costume ideas for your guests.  I like the idea of dressing up as costumes to attend the party and skipping the gifts even.

2. The lifecycles and costumes glow in the dark throughout the film.  Add some glow in the dark party ideas into your decor.

3. Using bikes that you have at your home, have the kids create their own lifecycles.  Use glow in the dark tape for the kids to decorate and to ride during the party.  Even create a lifecycle race and divide the kids into two teams to race against one another.  Of course, make sure this is well-supervised.

4. If you don’t have bikes to use, hula hoops can be used in the same way, and hold glow in the dark hula hoop contests.

5. Tron is about becoming a part of the video game.  Ask your birthday child what video games are his favorites and have the kids not only play the games, but also create their own.  Divide the kids into small groups and have them create their own games that the kids enter into and play.  Creative!

6. If the kids did not come dressed in costumes, have the kids use glow in the dark tape to create Tron Legacy characters.

7. Play Tron Tag.

8.The movie begins in Flynn’s Arcade.  For your party menu serve arcade food to your guests: popcorn, hot dogs, French Fries, nachos and cheese, jumbo pretzels and toppings, favorite drinks, and candy snacks. Create your own Arcade Buffet to serve up your menu.

9. For your Tron party favors, send the kids home with a bucket of glow in the dark goodies in a plastic cellophane bag.  Stickers, patches, stars, Silly Bandz and any other items that will have the kids alight like Tron.

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