So, you are throwing your tween a party, and wondering what to stuff their goody bags with…well, a lot of it depends on the theme of the party…if it’s going to be a glamour party or a spa diva type party for girls, then a little bag filled with feet and hand pampering would be an excellent choice…if it is going to be laser tag at the coolest arcade in town, then perhaps a gift certificate to return for more fun one day is just the ticket. Definitely take into account your party theme to see what will go well for the Tweens. It is also important to change the goody bags as the kids get a bit older…stickers, coloring books, crayons may have been the ticket with the under 5 crowd, but it will hold little interest for this crowd.

Still, you do not need to go overboard with the budget. A CD filled with the birthday kids’ favorite music from the party is very inexpensive and will be lots of fun for the kids to play again and again as a take away goody. That is one example and could be done for any party. Gift certificates, such as a free ice cream cone, kids’ movie pass, free mini-golf game, would also be used and appreciated by this age group as well.

Also, if you are having different activities at your themed party, such as a camp out, a spa party, Survivor Party, etc. the “stuff” the kids are given to navigate and enjoy the party can also double as the goody bag. The kids will have used some, even most, of it, but they can take home the rest. So, you can plan the “stuff” in terms of what can be used at the party as well.

Tweens will want their goodies, so decide the theme and plan something within your budget that will be useful and fun for the kids…instead of something tossed aside as soon as they arrive home from the party!

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    Lauren said on November 7, 2007
  2. a good idea for goodie bags for tween girls is little bon bon nail polish. they’re like 50 cents each and are perfect. also, maybe a plain white tee shirt that all of the girls (bear with me i’m thinking tween girls) can decorate with iron-ons, fabric marker, and even sharpie works! that was a big hit at one of my friend’s birthday party. also little lip glosses, suckers like dum dums, and little bracelets or rings! hope this helps :D

    Abby said on February 3, 2010

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