My child has two parties for her two good friends on the same day at the same time. She wants to attend both, but we don’t want to be rude. Is it OK to duck out of one kids’ party thirty minutes early to catch the tail end of the next one? 

Certainly, it is OK.  When you RSVP to the first party, tell the host parent that you and/or your child will have to leave early from the party.  This way the departure time will not be unexpected and the host parent can have the goody bag prepared, etc. in anticipation of your early departure.  The same is true for the second party you are attending.  When you RSVP, contact the host parent and explain the situation, and ask if it would be OK if you came for the second half of the party.  Leave it up to the host to say yes or no to you and be open to either.  If she says no it may be because the party is being held at an outside venue and she doesn’t want to pay the fee for your child who will only attend for the end of the party.  If she says yes, she will plan on you arriving late. 

The key is to let the host parents know your plans to leave early and arrive late.  As long as it is OK by the host parent, you should feel fine with it too. 

Do not feel you need to provide an explanation, unless you want to.  If all of these kids are in the same circle of friends, you may find that other guests are doing the same thing.  However, do not feel compelled to say that your child is attending another party unless you want to.

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