Vampire Party IdeasAre you a Twilight fan? I have read the series of books and eagerly anticipate the next movie in the series coming to theaters.  We have a great Twilight plan for you to find fabulous ideas to host a fantastic party.  We wanted to add a few more general vampire ideas that you can add to your Twilight party and/or use to throw a ghoulish vampire party for Halloween too.

For your ghoulish vampire kids party invitation

Fill a small plastic pill container with red fake blood.  Attach a small black card with your party details on it.  You can either mail or hand-deliver your invitations.  Request that your guests wear the fake blood on themselves to your party as a part of their vampire costumes.  They can choose to be modern-day or old school vampires.  The mix of characters will be fun!

For your vampire party decor

Make sure to keep it dark and goth-like to add to the party atmosphere.  Use black and red helium-filled balloons, along with streamers from the ceiling.

Turning a large appliance box into a coffin that can be placed in the party area.

Replace regular light bulbs with red ones to add to the atmosphere.

Have plastic vampire teeth in a bowl at the front entrance to the party that your guests can wear during the party.

Plastic bats hanging from your ceiling and other creepy crawly critters around the party room.


Drape black cloth over your windows to keep all natural light out.

Black and red candles lit would add to the atmosphere.

Hang garlic strands from the party ceiling.

For your Vampire Kids Party Activities

Make sure to invite all of the vampires into your party so they may enter.

Watch Vampire films! Afterwards, set up a vampire trivia contest  for the guests to guess the various vampires.

Play Stake the Vampire.  This can be played one of two different ways.  One, if you have created a vampire in a coffin as a part of your decor, you can use a stake to see who can get it closest to the vampire’s heart.  Alternatively, this could be played as a version of tag.  Whoever is “it” must tag the others to “stake” them.  Continue tag until everyone has become a vampire.

Your guests should have come to your party with fake blood on their faces, but, if not, have fake blood on hand for the guests to make themselves vampire-esque at your party.

Hold a Vampire Dance. Play some spooky tunes and let the kids vampire out with each other to the tunes.

Throw Vampire Balloons.  Fill red and black small balloons and have a water balloon fight among all of the vampires.  Loads of fun.

For your Vampire Menu

This one’s all about blood.  Make sure to serve all of your dishes with plenty of ketchup, hot sauce, or chilli sauce.  Pretend it’s all blood.

Other treats: long red licorice whips, shish kebab skewers with red peppers served with hot sauce, olive tapenade on crackers, chocolate-covered strawberries, and perhaps a batch of Vampire Cupcakes.

Send your vampire guests home with their plastic teeth, fake blood tubes, garlic, and small mirrors too.

Serve on black and red partyware.  One word on this, I recommend Celebrate Express, which I love.  No overspending at the local party store, and great prices and selection of vampire items.

Have a ghoulish good time celebrating the second Twilight movie or just as a fun vampire-themed holiday party.

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  1. This is a sure fun party idea for all vampires and vampire lovers out there!

    I would like to add up some suggestions below…

    Painting your drink with blood by mixing some food coloring or throwing in an already red-colored juice will be a nice addition, or if all participants are allowed to drink… Red wine is the best choice, it looks like blood in a clear glass…

    Coolest Vampire Art Gallery said on August 13, 2009

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