Velveteen Rabbit First Birthday Party IdeasThe story of the Velveteen Rabbit is a heartwarming childhood favorite. The wisdom, love and message behind the story make it an unforgettable classic, and a unique pick for a 1st birthday party theme. Read on for writer Yelena Johnson’s tips on how to create a vintage feel for this 1st birthday party!

Velveteen Rabbit Birthday Décor:

Since the Velveteen Rabbit book was written in the early part of the 20th century, the decor is very much Victorian. Go with this theme in your party decorations by choosing plush, rich looking materials in jewel-toned hues that are reminiscent of the Victorian era.

If you are serving a sit down meal, fold the fabric napkin into quarters and place it on the plate like a diamond (a simplified version of a popular vintage fold). Tie a richly colored velvet ribbon into a bow around the top two inches of the diamond to create an elegant, tactile finish.

If you are serving food buffet-style, wrap silverware (fork, knife and spoon) into a rolled napkin and tie it all together with the same velvet ribbon in a bow. Stack the rolled napkins into a neat pyramid in a pretty vintage tray.

Purchase a few old Velveteen rabbit books using eBay and online bookstores as a resource, and use them as decor throughout the party. Place them open to a particular page with a length of velvet ribbon running over the open pages horizontally and tucked under the covers (to keep it open to the desired page). With the older copies of books that are not in good condition, tear out pages and frame them in antique looking frames to place on the food table and around the party as decor.

Finally, choose the best copy (with lots of white space and big pages) to use as a guest sign-in book for your baby’s first birthday. Create a framed sign asking guests to leave predictions, wise words and well wishes for your baby’s future life directly on the pages of the book. This creates a lifelong keepsake for the baby that they can enjoy once they are old enough to read, and is sure to be a treasured book for the rest of their life.

Incorporate one or two large cake stands into the table decor as a centerpiece, and display a few soft, old fashioned plush rabbits on the stands. If they are floppy and sit upright like the Velveteen Rabbit himself, you can lean two or three against each others backs and tie a velvet ribbon around their bellies to keep them upright.

Serve tea after the meal in assorted vintage tea cups that would have fit right in with the Victorian era.

Velveteen Rabbit 1st Birthday Petting Zoo

What would a Velveteen Rabbit first birthday be without real rabbits? Book a local petting zoo to come to the party with a few gentle bunnies and supervise children petting them. You can even ask to decorate the top of the petting zoo pen with small bunches of carrots (with the stems and greenery still attached) tied to the top of the wire pen with pretty velvet ribbon.

Tie a bunch of carrots on every few feet for a pretty effect. If the animal handler gives the go-ahead, kids can even feed the rabbits with the carrots (just be sure to wash them beforehand). This makes the carrot bunches pretty, functional, and part of the kids entertainment.

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