Winter Swimming Pool Kids PartyWell, it’s still winter out there and many people are actually snowed in and/or digging out from under the snow. Your kids may be developing cabin fever, and are probably looking forward to not only spring blooming, but also summer break. You can give them a little taste of the fun to come by throwing their winter birthday at the local indoor swimming pool.This party can be at a hotel, YMCA, or local gym with an indoor pool available for party rental. It should be pretty easy to find a place to hold your event, and and as kids parties go, easy to put it together!

In your pool party invitation, ask the party guests to bring their swimsuits, a change of clothes, flip flops, and a towel.

Use fun pool party supplies to pull in the summer theme.

Alternatively, a surf party or hula girl motif would be just as fun!

The entire party time will be taken with the kids swimming and playing together in the pool. Hopefully, you will dive right in and lead some games, or have a few parents who are interested in getting in as well so they can lead games too:

  • Play Marco Polo
  • Have a rubber duck race. Give each child a rubber duck and have them use their noses to move it to the other side of the pool. First one there wins!
  • Play Shark! Have the birthday kid start off as the shark and tag the fish (the rest of the kids in the pool). As the fish are tagged, they also become sharks. The game is over when the pool is full of sharks!
  • Have a splash contest to see who can make the biggest splash! Make sure to follow pool rules, however!
  • Place floating toys throughout the pool and divide the kids into two teams. Blow a whistle and see which team can gather the most floaters in two minutes.
  • Have the kids swim through rings, i.e. hula hoops
  • Play water volleyball

Besides swimming, make sure to have fun pool party food and drinks on hand:

  • Juice boxes and small water bottles would be good ideas for this party.
  • Make Fish Chow. Combine popcorn, raisins, gummy fish, Goldfish crackers, and chocolate chips. What a yummy snack!
  • Serve different kinds of small sandwiches cut into little fish shapes.
  • Ordering pizza would be an easy option for this party too.
  • Cut up fruit and place it on a skewer stick, and yogurt dips available for dipping.
  • Check out this fun Pool Party Cake!

Send the kids home with a taste of summer:

  • Beach balls
  • Pool floatables, such as rubber duckies and noodles
  • Sun glasses, sun visors, and whistles
  • Small glass fishbowls filled with blue Jell-O and gummy fish
  • Bubbles and Lifesaver candies

This will certainly be an easy party to pull together, and the kids will have loads of fun swimming and playing in the pool for the entire party. They will only take a break for party food and cake. Easy and fun!

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  1. Congratulations on the first yeAr of your business. The cake is fun and looks delicious. Goodluck in your second year of business.


    Suzanne C.Kothari said on February 18, 2007
  2. Pool basketball is a fun game that can be played with only a few objects in the pool that float. they can also be used ad prizes if you get them into the basket.

    See my website for all the rules and photos.

    Rob Mulally said on April 22, 2009
  3. The “Fish Chow” snack sounds delicious and healthy. I think I’d put it in sandwich bags and a pool-themed tie or ribbon and send it home with the kids as a goody bag. Fun ideas!

    Miranda said on January 24, 2012
  4. You know a lot of people are searching for information about winter swimming pool kids party and this is my good luck that I found your post as I was looking for. Your post will be very useful to me.

    Ava Freame said on February 27, 2012

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