Wipeout Party IdeasDo your children love the show Wipeout?  It’s a ton of fun where contestants take each other on through obstacle courses that are full of wipeout potential!  This is an excellent show to inspire a fun activity for an upcoming birthday party – especially if you have a summer party.  Why?  Because Wipeout often revolves around an obstacle course that needs to be set up outdoors with lots of room and often with water fun incorporated with sprinklers, water toys, and kiddie pools.  If you have a summer party on the horizon, including a Wipeout party obstacle course would be loads of fun for boys and girls of all ages.  Keep these tips in mind when creating your Wipeout Obstacle course:

Wipeout Party Activity

1. Create an obstacle course outdoors for the extra space.

2. Include as many water activities/obstacles you can to make it a true Wipeout course – water toys, kiddie pools, and sprinklers that the kids must run through, use on one another, and/or fish items out of to complete the course.

3. Use lawn furniture, benches, outdoor toys, etc. to create an obstacle course that the kids will have to climb over, under, and move around to complete the Wipeout course.

4. Make sure to time your Wipeout Obstacle course.

5. Make sure to have plenty of adults on hand to supervise the Wipeout fun so the kids are safe as they compete.  Also, make sure you let parents know ahead of the party what you are planning, so they are aware, and can also pack extra (dry) clothes.

6.  Depending on your group of kids, Wipeout incorporates  food fight type activities, where contestants are dodging flying items.  This will greatly increase the messy quotient! Make any projectiles soft!

It’s Wipeout!  Enjoy incorporating a Wipeout Obstacle Course into any summer party you may be planning this summer.

Nintendo has a Wipeout game for the Wii!  If the weather just isn’t cooperating, or you want to extend the party, check it out!

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