When you wish upon a star…what a beautiful theme for a kids party.

My girlfriend who is going to have a baby any day now, has decorated the baby’s bedroom in a stars and moons pattern and it is beautiful. If you have been drawn to this for your baby’s first your baby’s first birthday party and you want to have a “Wish Upon A Star” theme, here are a few ideas for decorating and goodies…

For a first birthday, having your adult guests write a “wish” for your child would be very special, especially on that day in the future when your child reads all of those good wishes many years later. As a centerpiece, place a large bowl or cauldron-like bowl in the center of the table. Have the blank wish cards either at the party table for people to write on or hand out as your guests enter the party and they can fill out their wish cards at any time during the party and place them in the special bowl on the table.

Attached to the bowl, use curly ribbon and tie small star balloons to the bowl as an additional, fanciful decoration. Also, attach balloons to the chairs around the party table. A few special Mylar Balloons with stars on them would be fun.

Hang stars from the ceiling.
Cut out thick stars from cardboard and wrap them in tin foil, place these all over the party table.

Have tiaras and crowns with stars on them at the party table for other kids to wear. You could also have starry wands made up at each of the kids’ place settings as well.

A lot of the food you make can be cut out into star shapes, i.e. mini-sandwiches, cookies, cake, fruits, etc. Try to keep with the star theme for the food you serve.

For a goody to send home with the other little ones, buy plain sippy cups and draw stars all over the cups. Fill it with “Lucky Charms” which has some stars in the mix to match the theme.

Little star board books or activity books would also be a good idea. A CD of music, especially with the Disney song, “When You Wish Upon A Star” would be perfect!

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    sandrar said on September 10, 2009

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