Witch Halloween Party IdeasI’m a Witch-ch-ch, I’m a Witch-ch-ch, and I am flying through the air…

This is a song from long ago days that I sang when I was in preschool!  Witches are certainly part and parcel of Halloween, and make great ideas for your upcoming Halloween party.  Find creative witchy ideas to delight your Halloween party guests this year:

  • How about a Broomstick invitation?  Take a a wooden stick and paint it black.  Attach straw to one end of the stick to make it look like a broomstick.  Using orange card stock, cut out a small broomstick-shaped card.  Write your Witch Halloween party details on the card and hole-punch your card and attach to the broomstick with orange and black ribbon.  Hand-deliver or mail these invitations.
  • Witches make great decorative touches for your Halloween party.  Think of witches’ cauldrons all over the party area with dry ice simmering inside some, bobbing for apples in others, and treats to hand out in another. Serve drinks out of a witch cauldron cooler!
  • Witch cauldron cooler

  • As a party craft, have the kids decorate witch hats to wear during the party.
  • Paint the kids’ faces green with warts for added effect.
  • Send the kids on a Witch Hunt.  Provide brooms for them to scour the party grounds for all sorts of items: plastic rats and other animals, gummy worms, fake body parts, and whatever else a witch would want to make up a brew.
  • Have the kids come up with Witching Words to use during the party.  Be as creative as possible.
  • Make up a batch of Mini Witch’s Brooms.
  • How about Martha’s Witch Cupcakes (see picture above).
  • Set up a cardboard witch photo prop with a cutout for the face, and take a picture of each guest.
  • Witch photo prop

  • The kids can take home witch warts, tattoos, and little pots of green paint along with their hats as a perfect Witch Halloween party favor.

Have a witching good time!

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