Dear Peppers and Pollywogs

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Dear Peppers and Pollywogs
What Parents Want To Know
About Planning Their Kids' Parties

What's to throwing kids' parties? According to popular media today, it's a complicated business full of perplexing problems. When your kid's party needs to be planned, all sorts of questions arise:

  • How much should we spend on party presents?
  • What happens when my kid invites 50 guests to his party before the invitation list has even been drawn up?
  • How do you return the fish your child received as a party favor?

This is the book to pull out when you face party conundrums. With a succinct format, you will easily be able to find the answer to your question to help make your party planning less stressful!

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This book is set up to allow individuals to quickly come up with an answer to their party quandaries, whether it be the parent wondering what is age-appropriate or how much individuals should spend on birthday presents. The writing style is simplistic and has a number of ideas put forth in a list form, so that individuals can rapidly evaluate how each idea fits in their own unique situation.

Mayas Mom
Lisa Kothari has made children's birthday parties her business. She is the founder of the children's party website, Peppers and Pollywogs, and recently published a book -- Dear Peppers and Pollywogs...: What Parents Want to Know About Planning Their Kids' Parties. The book is one that should be added to the "must have" list for any new parent. Lisa offers simple, easy solutions to situations that often stress us about when it comes to birthday parties for our kids.

Mom's Favorite Stuff
"The book, Dear Peppers and Pollywogs� is an excellent resource for any parent to have." "The great part about Lisa�s book is that it really covers all age ranges from the first birthday all the way up through the teen years. So, it�s perfect for all parents! "

Swanky Moms
Everything you need to know for throwing a birthday party for your child! From etiquette to allergy issues! This book is an easy reference style book for when you have a quick question about party planning. Also, the website has tonnes of great birthday ideas, a forum and you can even print out invitations right from your computer!